Curso online: RETHINK THE CITY

Curso online: RETHINK THE CITY

Repensar a Cidade:
Novas abordagens para os
desafios urbanos globais e locais

Curso online da Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Tecnologia de Delft (Holanda), focado em desafios urbanos do mundo em desenvolvimento, indicado para alunos de graduação.

Além do curso ser totalmente gratuito, um estudante será selecionado para ir para Delft participar de um curso presencial de verão por duas semanas, com todas as despesas pagas (passagem aérea, acomodação e alimentação).

O curso será ministrado em inglês (com legendas em espanhol).

O video promocional do curso, mais informações e a inscrição online podem ser realizadas aqui.

Rethink the City:
New approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges

You’ll learn about today’s urban challenges focusing on developing countries, referred to as the global south. We will debate the benefits of three pathways, going beyond traditional urban strategies and policies:

  1. Spatial justice
    Spatial justice is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges of urban contexts in emerging economies.
  2. Housing Provision and Management
    Increasing demand in the global south calls for alternative approaches in housing provision and management.
  3. Urban Resilience
    Understanding resilience not as a mere struggle for survival, but as an opportunity to build better urban environments.

We will discuss question such as:

  • Is the just city framework applicable in cities with extreme socio-economic inequality?
  • Can community-led housing initiatives provide effective solutions for households in need?
  • How can resilience support development instead of perpetuating a disadvantaged condition?

In this architecture and urban planning course, academic urban planning expertise from TU Delft is used to formulate possible answers to these questions, and is applied in a range of challenging case studies from Ghana, Brazil, Malaysia, Chile, and China, among others. This course offers you a new perspective to understand and analyze the urban challenges of the global south.

Through a combination of short theoretical lessons, presentation of case studies, testimonies from practitioners and practical assignments you will also learn how to develop a critical perspective about your own urban environment and how to translate this knowledge into analytical tools and innovative urban solutions.

This course is designed for undergraduate and master level students of architecture, urban planning and disciplines related to urban themes. Nevertheless, anyone interested on debating spatial justice, urban resilience and housing provision and management are welcome.

No previous knowledge in urban planning or global south is required, just your eagerness to learn!


One participant will be selected to come to Delft to participate in the 2017 Summer School “Planning and Design with Water”. This Rethink the City prize will cover the costs of the tuition fee for the summer school, the costs of board and lodging in Delft during the period of the summer school, and the travel costs to The Netherlands. The selection criteria for this prize will be communicated upon the course start.


The course materials of this course are Copyright Delft University of Technology and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) 4.0 International License.

What you’ll learn
  • Alternative theories in spatial justice, housing provision and management, and urban resilience.
  • Application of analytical tools and innovative solutions to contemporary urban challenges
  • Develop a critical perspective about your own urban environment.
  • New perspectives to understand and analyze the urban challenges of the global south.